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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing helps protect our drinking water.

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Clean water is something that everyone is entitled to. Sun Irrigation is dedicated to keeping your drinking water safe from harmful pollutants. Backflow testing helps ensure that your water is safe and in most cities it is required to be tested annually. This required test helps keep your water clean and safe by ensuring that your backflow device is working properly. At Sun Irrigation, we have testers that are certified and licensed to test, repair or replace backflow device with superior service at competitive prices.

What is backflow and why is a backflow device required?

Backflow occurs when a plumbing system has a discrepancy between upstream and downstream pressure or negative pressure altogether, causing water to flow in the wrong direction. When this happens, contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, and/or fertilizers could find their way into your clean water. More importantly, there is a greater chance of contaminating the water supply when you own an irrigation system or an in-ground pool.

Backflow can easily be prevented.

Sun Irrigation is familiar with your local water authority’s requirements and can install and/or test the appropriate backflow prevention device to keep your water supply clean and safe. We provide complete backflow tests and repair or replace damaged devices.

Why does my device need to be annually tested?

Your backflow prevention device can break or wear out, just like any other mechanical device. These devices have internal seals, springs and moving parts that are subject to fouling, wear or fatigue. A backflow test insures that the device is functioning properly. Each town has their own rules and regulations regarding backflow devices. Most Water Authorities require these devices to be tested annually.

Sun Irrigation provides excellent service with value. We offer service contracts that include automatic testing and filing, which help avoid fines and fees. Schedule your backflow test and inspection with Sun Irrigation today.