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Sun Irrigation has been providing professionally designed and installed lawn sprinkler systems to Long Islanders for over 25 years. Every system is custom designed to water your landscape evenly and efficiently. Our systems require minimal maintenance and give you years of trouble free operation.

Sun Irrigation Builds Lawn Sprinkler Systems That Last.

Design 2In order for us to produce a high quality, reliable lawn sprinkler system we begin by using our experience to develop a professional design. Since all properties are different, every system needs custom planning and design. Water pressure, soil type, terrain elevation, sun exposure and the different water requirements for the lawn and shrubs are always carefully considered when we design an irrigation system. Common problems such as uneven coverage, dry areas, low pressure and incorrect backflow prevention are just a few mistakes that can be avoided with the right professional design.

pgpultraWe only use professional grade products from the top irrigation manufactures. There are many different components that go into the installation of an automatic lawn sprinkler system. We have used and tested a wide variety of products for over 25 years. We only select the best material to make the most durable, long lasting systems in the industry. They water more accurately, are easier to adjust, and are more dependable. The difference in cost in most cases is minimal and in the end will save you money over the life of the system.

solarsyncWater Conservation Is Key today. With the rising cost of water, and the awareness that water is our most precious resource, there are many water savings components that can be used. Products such as Smart Controllers, rain and weather sensors, drip & micro irrigation are materials that help apply the right amount of water based on site and weather conditions. By reducing overwatering these products can also help control fungal disease and insect problems that can easily destroy a landscape. Sun Irrigation always installs efficient irrigation products that not only help benefit your local environment and landscape, but also save money.

Labor & Machinery

The use of state of the art equipment along with a team of highly skilled workers is how we produce this superior quality in our lawn sprinkler systems. We always use the newest hydraulic pipe pulling machines that can insert pipe without disturbing the existing lawn and shrub areas. When a system is installed in an established lawn, after the piping is installed, all the affected surfaces are hand tamped so that the lawn is returned to its original condition. We can also drill under driveways and walkways without disturbing your masonry.

Sun Irrigation mechanics are highly skilled, well trained and experienced. Every person on our team has at least 5 – 10 years of working experience. We take pride in all of our work.

Why us

The combination of a professional plan & design, the use of the right high quality parts, and installed professionally with an expert team is how you end up with a superior irrigation system. To give you an extra layer of insurance, we back up our systems with a solid 2 year guarantee and 100% dedication to your complete satisfaction. The majority of our new customers come from referrals so our business depends on it.

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