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Sun Irrigation services all lawn sprinkler systems, from small to large, residential to commercial, using all brands and models. We specialize in repair, retrofit, reroute and total sprinkler system maintenance of existing systems. We can update older systems, using the latest technology water saving products to make them more efficient. Our experienced technicians with our fully stocked trucks are always ready to perform any size repair, from a small leak to a major renovation of an old system.

We provide all the required services to insure the smooth operation of your system. We automatically notify you to turn off your system for the season to avoid damage caused by freezing. We will also notify you to set up an appointment to open your system in early spring to make sure your system is in proper working order for the summer season. We are also available to make seasonal adjustments and repairs throughout the season. To ensure continued performance of your system, we recommend, at a minimal, that you have your system serviced in the spring and the fall. Midseason check-ups are always suggested to minimize landscape loss and improve irrigation system efficiency.



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Over the winter season many things can happen with your lawn sprinkler system. Snow can affect the adjustments and the proper operation of your sprinkler heads. They can also get damaged from cars driving over them as well as mowers. Year to year landscape growth & changes can often block coverage and create unnecessary flooding. The purpose of the Spring Start-up Service is to get your system up and running for the season. Our licensed technicians will go through your entire system, zone by zone, cleaning and making the required adjustments to maximize your coverage and minimize waste. All minor repairs & replacements are made with your approval. We will also review the design and make suggestions to improve the systems efficiency if required. The controller is programed and the systems electric system is checked. Upon completion your irrigation system can operate at its peak performance. If a backflow test is due in the spring, we can perform the test at the start-up appointment by our certified backflow tester, saving you the time of a separate visit.


The Winter Closing Service for your lawn sprinkler system is very important due to the freezing temperatures that arrive every winter. Having Sun Irrigation perform this Winterize Service will prevent damage to your irrigation system that is caused by extreme cold weather. At this visit the sprinkler main valve is closed, and with the use of a tow behind diesel compressor, will blow all the water out of the sprinkler heads, valves and piping. This will prevent damage to your system and help keep maintain the integrity of your automatic lawn sprinkler system.


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The Summer Check-Up Service is performed at the beginning of July, right before the summer heat arrives. This is when your lawn and shrubs really need the system running at its peak performance. At this visit we once again go through each zone checking that the sprinkler heads are functioning properly, that the coverage is not being blocked, all the zones are turning on, and that there are no leaks in the piping. Finally we re-program the controller for the appropriate summer watering durations. In most instances we end up finding a head that is not rotating or even a head that was knocked over. When a problem is not repaired quickly, you will soon notice some part of your landscape is dying and or get a large water bill from the leak. The summer visit ultimately ends up being cost effective.


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Our experienced staff at Sun Irrigation can trouble shoot, diagnose and repair all makes and brands of lawn sprinkler systems. From replacing an old controller, to locating a difficult leak under a tree, to upgrading an old set of solenoid valves, Sun Irrigation can handle any job in a timely fashion.


There are many reasons to upgrade your lawn sprinklers. Perhaps your system is old and/or is not working to your satisfaction. Maybe you’ve recently renovated the property or installed a new pool. We will begin with a detailed analysis to make sure a mutual goal is achieved and all of your costly landscaping is covered properly. Sun Irrigation can reconfigure the system, replace the old, worn parts, or patch back the damaged sections. We can also update older systems by using the latest technology water saving products to make them more efficient. We will bring the systems life and performance back to optimum working condition.


As part of our custom water saving services, Sun Irrigation uses drip irrigation. Drip is engineered to deep water the roots of your plants keeping them healthy and hydrated. The water is applied slowly and evenly for consistent distribution so the water soaks gradually. Drip offers great solutions for a wide variety of soils. It is perfect for containers, planter boxes, narrow plantings area’s and much more. An extra bonus is that drip is vandal proof and commonly used in high traffic areas.